Hi, I’m Todd.

Todd Morris

Until December 31st 2013 I was a weather forecaster in the Air Force, stationed at Fort Hood Texas. Having served for 24 years, the Air Force decided it was time for me to retire. Fortunately, I was offered a job doing weather out here at Fort Huachuca. I’ve been here since February 2014. Since I have a step-son who’s going to be a senior in High School next year, my family decided to stay behind in Texas for 18 months or so. This means that I have a lot of free time on my hands, and needed to find something productive to do, that will keep me out of trouble.

Well, I’ve been taking pictures for about 10 years now. I enjoy nature. And I just moved to an area of the country where people use their vacation time to come see the wildlife.

So I started getting out a couple of times a week for nature hikes; with my camera in tow.

This blog is an outcrop of those first couple of hikes, and some of the pictures I shared. I’ve been fortunately to meet up with some nice people while I’ve been out and about, who have told me about additional places that I should visit. I’d like to pay it forward a bit, by documenting my hikes, sharing useful information, and showing pictures of the kind of stuff others might be able to see, should they find themselves in some of the same places I’ve been. The way I’m organizing this blog is with a category called “Hike Locations”, with sub-categories for each of the places I’ve been. I expect that I will visit the majority of locations here in southeast Arizona multiple times, so there should eventually be plenty of content in each category.

If you’re reading this, I hope you find it useful.

Oh yea, and if you’re going to be in this area (or you already live here), and you want to meet up for a hike sometime, feel free to drop me a line …

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